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Diesel Soot Particle Filter Cleaner WYNN'S 325ml

  • Brand: Wynns
  • Product Code: WYN28263

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Diesel soot filter cleaner is a widely used diesel fuel additive that reduces the amount of soot emissions, cleans and rebuilds the soot filter. FEATURES: Reduces the formation of carbon black during combustion; Cleans and repairs clogged soot filters without removing them; Helps completely burn soot particles in the engine; reduces frequent maintenance costs when it is necessary to manually regenerate a blocked soot filter; optimizes combustion and reduces fuel consumption; especially suitable for city cycling; Can be used with factory filter regeneration systems; especially fast result! FIELDS OF USE: Diesel engines with any type of soot particles filters; diesel and biodiesel up to B30; Only fill in the fuel tank! ROUTE OF ADMINISTRATION: One bottle of 325 ml must be fed to at least 40 liters of diesel. Use every 3rd tank filling or every 3,000km.