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Revitalizer for XADO EX120 gearboxes and gearboxes

  • Brand: Xado
  • Product Code: XA12030

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Gel Revitalizer is intended for protection against wear and repair of the gearbox, bearings and reducers for repair without disturbing them. Thanks to a 20% * higher concentration of the active substance, it provides better wear protection and a higher restoration effect. * for comparison with Xado revitalizants gearboxes and gearboxes. The parts of the rubbing surfaces on the gears, wallets, bearings, synchronizers form a metal ceramic layer (the geometry of the engine parts resets). The updated aggregate exceeds its performance by a new one and will be serviced 2-4 times longer. The universal revitalizer is suitable for mechanical, robotic, direct-shift gearboxes and gearboxes.