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Pay for installment

How to buy a installment?

By using General Financing Leasing or Mokilizingas:

1. Choose a product.

2. By choosing the payment method "Electronic banking", select the leasing company acceptable to you in the "Other payment systems" hole and fill out an electronic application in the system for obtaining a consumer credit.

3. The employee of will contact you by phone within 1 (one) business day and will inform you whether you can conclude a consumer credit agreement, what are the terms and conditions of the offer and inform about the necessity of e-mail. mail to send additional documents required by the leasing company.

4. Ordered items can only be accepted by the person who submitted the leasing. Only the applicant for a lease can sign a consumer credit agreement brought by the courier.

5. When buying a hire purchase at the online store, you do not need to pay an initial deposit unless the leasing company requires it.

6. The courier will check the duplicate copies of the original documents submitted, submit two copies of the consumer credit agreement and transfer the goods together with the third copy of your consumer credit agreement.

7. Upon fulfillment of all obligations under a consumer credit agreement, the goods become your property.

Target Loan Terms:

1. Only old-age persons with a valid identity card or a new model driving license, a passport of a citizen of Lithuania or a Member State of the European Union may purchase goods for hire.

2. The minimum order financing amount is € 70, it is calculated from the total amount of the cart.

3. Target Loan may be granted for a period of from 6 months to 36 months.

4. For goods over a period of more than 24 months, goods can be purchased on the basis of a consumer credit agreement if their value exceeds € 434.43.

5. When purchasing goods in installments at the online store, there is no need to pay an initial contribution unless the leasing company requires it.

6. The monthly payments on the website and on the promotional material, when the target loan is granted for 24 months, is an indicative amount. When concluding a contract, the leasing system will calculate the monthly installment for you personally.

* In accordance with amendments to the Law on Consumer Credit of the Republic of Lithuania, m February 1, from 22:00. evening before 7.00 o'clock Consumer credit agreements can not be concluded in the morning.