FREE DELIVERY for orders over 99€.

Delivery terms

Delivery methods in Lithuania:

  1. Shipping to LP Express terminal (Lithuania only). More info >>
    Price 2.99
  2. Shipping to Omniva terminal (LT-LV-EE). More info >>
    Price: LT-2.99 ; LV -4.99 ; EE-6.99
  3. Delivery at your specified address (LT-LV-EE). More info >>
    Price: LT-3.99 ; LV-6.99 ; EE-7.99
  4. Pickup in our store in Lithuania, Vilnius, Švitrigailos st. 40B. More info >>
  5. Delivery to Norway and Sweden. More info >>


DPD delivery prices                                         All prices include 21% VAT.

Delivery terms: 3-8 working days

Airija 20,00 € Ireland 26,99€Austrija 9,95 € Austria 15,99€Belgija 9,95 € Belgium 15,99€
Bulgarija 9,83 € Bulgaria 26,99€Čekija 10,43 € Czech Republic 15,99€Danija 10,17 € Denmark 15,99€
Estija 15,95 € Estonia 7,99€Graikija 9,95 € Greece 26,99€Ispanija 9,95 € Spain 26,99€
Italija 9,95 € Italy 17,99€Jungtinė Karalystė 9,15 € United Kingdom 17,99€Kroatija 15,00 € Croatia 17,99€
Latvija 15,95 € Latvia 6,99€Lenkija 6,37 € Poland 10,99€Liuksemburgas 9,95 € Luxembourg 15,99€
Norvegija 21,32 € Norway 21,32€Olandija 9,95 € Holland 15,99€Portugalija 9,95 € Portugal 26,99€
Prancūzija 9,95 € France 15,99€Rumunija 10,12 € Romania 26,99€Slovakija 9,95 € Slovakia 15,99€
Slovėnija 9,95 € Slovenia 17,99€Suomija 10,95 € Finland 15,99€    
Švedija 8,88 € Sweden 17,99€
Vengrija 9,05 € Hungary 17,99€Vokietija 5,95 € Germany 15,99€

Delivery policy

We will make every effort to deliver the goods ordered as soon as possible. After receiving the order payment, the goods will be sent to the Buyer selected delivery agent and delivered within a reasonable length of time. We, however, shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or consequences suffered by you in connection with the delay. In such a case, we can inform you of the delay and its cause.

The shipping cost is combined with the cost of goods and you can see the final price at the bottom of the formed order.

Loading and unloading are paid services. The price must be coordinated directly with the goods delivery agent.

Delivery Time

Should your ordered article be in our warehouse, it will be delivered to you within 1 - 3 working days, using courier services, delivery is 2 - 5 days. The beginning of the delivery time shall be the date on which the order payment confirmation is received. Should your ordered article be absent from our warehouse, the delivery may take up to four weeks.

Shipping and Delivery Confirmation

Couriers deliver the goods during working hours. Unfortunately, selecting a specific delivery time is not possible. The delivery agent is provided with the Buyer’s contact phone number so as to contact the Buyer on the chance there are any delivery problems. The Buyer is responsible for ensuring the presence of a person authorized to receive the parcel delivery at the indicated address. If the Buyer fails to accept the shipment (i.e. by not being present at the delivery location at the time of delivery or repeated attempt to deliver the shipment, or by refusing to accept the shipment) and the delivery agent returns it to the Seller, an additional fee shall be charged for re-shipment of the same article. The condition of the article must be checked immediately upon its delivery. In case you noticed any flaws, do not accept the shipment and indicate the existence of defects in the shipment waybill. Should you accept the article and sign the waybill without leaving any comments, it shall be assumed that the shipment is delivered and that there are no claims.