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The rules

Online ordering system rules:

1. General provisions 1.1.

1.2. The person who orders the goods and confirms these Terms and Conditions by clicking on the "I Accept" link is deemed to be in compliance with these Rules (hereinafter referred to as "the Store"), UAB "Reikia dalių" (hereinafter referred to as "the Seller"). with the rules ", is familiar with the Rules and agrees unconditionally with the terms specified therein under all conditions. 1.3. After completing the request, the User becomes a Sales Client (hereinafter referred to as the Client) who acquires the rights and obligations established in the Rules. 1.4. The Seller has the right at any time to limit the Customer's rights or cancel queries, orders if the Customer does not comply with the conditions specified in the Rules. 1.5. Depending on the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, the Seller has the right at any time without prior warning to the Customer to modify, amend or supplement the Terms. New Rules take effect from the day they are placed on the Market. Customer orders submitted prior to the amendment of the Rules are executed in accordance with the Regulations in force at the time of placing the order. 1.6. The Seller is not liable and does not compensate the Customer for the damage suffered by him as a result of non-compliance with the conditions stipulated in the Rules.

2. Price of goods and payment procedure

2.1. In the order of goods, the prices of the goods are indicated with VAT. 2.2. The transportation charge is indicated when the booking is completed, before it is approved. 2.3. The Customer may pay for the ordered Goods in one of the following ways: 2.3.1. In advance, by bank transfer, indicating the order number. 2.3.2. Cash payable to the courier for an additional fee or at the retail outlets. 2.4. When placing an order, the Customer undertakes to pay the Goods on time. At the moment of conclusion of the purchase agreement, the receipt of payment for the goods for the Seller's account is considered. 2.5. When paid by advance payment, the Customer undertakes to pay within 5 business days from receipt of the confirmation of the order from the Seller moment. If the Buyer does not pay for the goods in the account specified by the Seller within the set term, the order is canceled.

3. Ordering items

3.1. The Customer chooses the item that is required for him to place an order for the seller. Customer confirmed order is sent to Seller automatically (by clicking on "Order"). 3.2. Each time the Customer confirms the order confirming the acceptance of the Rules in force at that moment. 3.3. Upon confirmation of the order, the Customer undertakes to verify that all his personal data are correct. After discovery, the Customer undertakes to correct the data and then confirm the order. 3.4. The order of the item is started: 3.4.1. The client chooses a prepayment, after the money is paid to the Seller's account; 3.5. The Customer, when filling out the order, indicates the individual characteristics of the Goods, the quantity of the person who accepts the Goods (when the Goods are accepted by the Customer not the same) and other data necessary for delivery of the item. 3.6. When the Customer requests that the Goods be delivered to another address or received by another recipient, the order shall indicate the new delivery address and the recipient's data. 3.7. The order is deemed to be submitted to the Seller only from the moment when the Seller receives and verifies it. 3.8. The seller accepts and confirms only correctly filled out orders. 3.9. The order given by the Customer is confirmed by the Seller automatically from the moment of its receipt and starts to execute it after receiving payment to the Seller's account. 3.9. Upon checking the accepted order and detecting significant changes or discrepancies, the customer is immediately informed and the agreed terms are changed. 3.10. If the changed conditions do not satisfy the client, the order is canceled and the money returned is paid, if the customer paid for the goods by prepayment, in other cases only canceled order. 3.11. Due to changed circumstances, the seller does not accept any claims and does not pay any direct or indirect damages (except for the money paid for goods returned in accordance with paragraph 3.10 of these Rules).

4. Delivery and delivery of goods

4.1. When the Client chooses a prepayment, the Seller undertakes to deliver the Goods to the Client after confirmation of receipt of the payment order, within the term specified by the seller. 4.2. The seller carries out the delivery of the goods with the help of third parties - postal couriers. Before the delivery of the goods, couriers have the right to contact the Customer in case of necessity and to check on the exact time by which the Customer accepts the delivered Goods. If no other Recipient of the Goods is specified in the order, the Client himself must accept them. 4.3. In cases where the Customer can not accept the Goods at the agreed time, he immediately informs the courier and the Seller, who will deliver the Goods by telephone. 4.4. If the Goods are delivered at the address indicated by the Customer and at the agreed time, but the Customer is not found, the Customer is not entitled to express any claims to the Seller regarding the delivery of the Goods. 4.5. The quantity, nomenclature and quality of the goods are carefully checked by the Customer at the moment of transfer of the Goods. When accepting the Item, the Customer must sign the Goods Delivery Documents, confirming that the Goods have been served to him. 4.6. Any comments on apparent defects in the Product shall be made by the Client in writing when accepting the Goods. The Customer may file claims for defective goods in writing within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of the Goods in writing. 4.7. The Seller undertakes to deliver the Goods at the address and terms specified in the order. If it becomes evident that the Seller can not deliver the Goods within the term provided, he shall immediately inform the Client of this. 4.8. When the Customer pays for the Goods, the Seller sends an invoice to the Customer (if the customer chooses). 4.9. The Seller is released from liability for violation of the Terms of Delivery, if this violation has been caused by the Client's fault. 4.10. The seller does not accept claims for direct or indirect damages for breach of delivery terms and they are not reimbursed.

5. Warranty of goods

5.1. The Seller declares that the Goods meet the normal qualitative requirements for these Goods. 5.2. The warranty period starts to run from the moment when the Product is delivered to the Customer. Warranty terms for goods are provided in the warranty documents of the Goods or when no specific warranty period is granted - on the grounds provided for in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. 5.3. In the event of a warranty, the Customer, having addressed the Seller, due to the defective Product Seller, directs the Customer to the Warranty Service Center of the Product Manufacturer. 5.4. The Seller is not responsible for the deterioration of the quality of the Goods if the Customer or persons to whom the Customer has handed over the Goods has used them for purposes other than those for which such Goods are commonly used, did not comply with the requirements specified in the instructions, violated the rules for transportation, storage, use and / or storage of goods, also Also, if the packaging of the Goods or other external defects is visible, not being discussed in writing at the time of transfer of the Goods or the deterioration of the quality of the Goods is caused by the actions of the Customer or other persons to whom the Customer has sold the Goods. 5.5 Warranty on car parts is valid only if you have an authorized car service account. It must be accompanied by an advertisement and a brocade detail. The seller is not responsible for direct and indirect customer losses that arose due to qualitative deficiencies in the product, except for direct losses in returning the money paid for the defective product. The guarantee is provided only upon submission of a purchase document (cash register receipt, cash receipt, bank transfer statement). 5.5 The buyer must return the goods to the address indicated by the seller.

6. Return of Goods

6.1. The defects in the Goods sold to the Customer are eliminated, the defective Goods are exchanged and returned in accordance with these rules. 6.2. After purchasing the item of inappropriate quality, you have the right to return such product to us within 14 (fourteen) days from the day it was delivered to you. In this case, the product of inappropriate quality is replaced by a good quality free of charge or money returned to you. 6.3. If the item did not fit your car due to our fault, we will refund the item for a refund. If the item did not happen due to the Client's fault, the cost of the change is covered by the Client. In the case of returning goods, where the item was not due to the fault of the customer, the refund is deducted from the price for delivery. In all cases, the return of the goods is possible only within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery to you. 6.4. When returning goods, the following conditions must be met: 6.4.1. the returned goods must be in the original order packaging (the package must not contain any changes, packaging can not be described, direct sticking of labels, etc.); 6.4.2. the product must be safe for you; 6.4.3. the product must remain intact in appearance (undamaged labels, unopened protective films, packaging, etc.) (this item does not apply in the case of returning a defective product); 6.4.4. the returned goods must be of the same type as the one obtained; 6.4.5. goods were not used; 6.4.6. preserved consumer goods.

7. Rights, duties and responsibilities of the parties

7.1. The rights and obligations of the parties are implemented taking into account the rules of sale of goods and provision of services when agreements are made using means of communication, approved by the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania in 2001. August 17 Order No 258 "On the approval of rules for the sale of goods and provision of services when contracts are concluded using means of communication. 7.2. The Customer is entitled to: 7.2.1. To purchase the item to be sold in the Shop at the price specified in the Rules; 7.2.2. To cancel the Goods Purchase Agreement, concluded by means of communication, informing the Seller thereof in writing within 7 (seven) working days from the delivery date of the Goods if the item has not been damaged or its appearance has not essentially changed. 7.3. The Customer undertakes: 7.3.1. By using the Services provided by the Seller, follow and comply with the provisions of these Rules in the Shop; 7.3.2. Do not disclose your login information to third parties; 7.3.3. To order the completed orders in accordance with these Rules to the Seller; 7.3.4. In accordance with the Rules, to settle with the Seller for the purchased Goods; 7.3.5. Changes to personal data submitted on the registration form will immediately update this information; 7.3.6. Check out the Store Rules. 7.4. The seller has the right: 7.4.1. Stop shop activity at any time; 7.4.2. Modify, update, and modify the Terms; 7.4.3. Change the range of goods to be sold and prices; 7.4.4. Client's intentional actions to harm the Store or the Seller, without notice, to restrict or cancel the registration of the Customer and access to the services provided by the Shop. 7.4.5. To cancel the Customer's order, when the Customer is late to settle, by choosing Goods, has chosen a prepayment; 7.5. The seller undertakes: 7.5.1. To sell the Goods and issue a document confirming the purchase / sale of the Goods (payment of money) to the Customer, having paid for them; 7.5.2. To sell the Goods together with their accessories and accessories in a condition which corresponds to the sample chosen by the Customer; 7.5.3. Delivered ordered Goods under the terms and conditions established by the Rules; 7.5.4. Guarantee that only safe, good quality, complex goods are marketed; 7.5.5. When selling non-food products, issue a guarantee document to the Customer, in which the warranty period of the Product Quality shall be specified precisely and expressly, if the Selling Goods have such a term set; 7.5.6. Goods for which the expiration date has been set to be sold at such a time that the Client has a real opportunity to use these Goods before their expiration date; 7.5.7. Provide the Customer in the state language with the necessary, correct and complete information about the item being sold; 7.5.8. At the Customer's request, provide additional information about the item being sold; 7.5.9. Under the terms provided for in the Rules, to enable the Customer to use the services provided by the Shop. 7.6. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the provided personal data and the storage and non-disclosure of the login data to third parties. 7.7. Customer is responsible for the actions performed in the online store. 7.8. The Seller is not liable for the losses that arose due to the fact that the Customer did not understand these Rules, although this possibility was granted. 7.9. The Seller is not responsible for the advertisement of other third parties in the Shop and the correctness of the information contained therein. 7.10 The parties agree that, in the event of the liability of one of the parties, the fault party will only compensate the other party for direct losses that are limited to the purchase and sale object.

8. Privacy Policy

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